h2o just add (flour eggs) water

gets harder in the winter, gotta be a fake or shiver, it takes a great deal out of me

finally made it to flour eggs water at tramsheds, for a special birthday celebration!

special birthday, special people, and a special menu – makes for an especially special night.

focaccia, olives, chilli olive oil. fluffy, warm, crusty, delicious.

starters – trout, prosciutto, calamari. all good, none great, but damn do I love all of them anyway.

pasta – now this is where the real party starts. each beautifully cooked, and vastly different. incredibly rich and full of flavour, the pappardelle had whole chunks of melt in your mouth lamb off the bone, flakes of slow cooked garlic, and damn that sauce… stands up well to possibly my all-time favourite mushroom and hare pappardelle from osteria di russo & russo. gotta be my favourite of the 3… except that agnolotti… so incredible, burnt butter sauce and toasted pumpkin seeds, and the kind of skill you want to come to a restaurant for… ugh it’s impossible to call.

(p.s. the chitarra was super nice and different, but eh. sauce was a bit watery though flavours were nice. and the sliced discs of broccolini stalk were super tender and sweet as well, will definitely steal that idea…)

cute desserts! amaretti will never be my thing, I don’t think, but they made a great effort to convince me.

definitely worth missing the other party for.

Dinner, Sat 1/7/17

Flour Eggs Water by A Tavola

Tramsheds, 1 Dalgal Way
Harold Park, NSW 2037


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