lentil as anything

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So the first show I ever saw at the Newtown Social Club is also the last one I ever will see. Thankfully, it was also one of the best I’ve ever been to – intimate, breathtaking, full of stories and real, unfiltered personality. The kind of stuff that really sticks with you, the kind of memory to grasp at, surround yourself with when everything else looks bleak.

I can get so high off a vivid picture that’s occupying my mind

Also, right next door to the old site (which is now a super fun mini-golf course) is Lentil as Anything. As a pay-what-you-can community kitchen, it’s also a source of solace if you’re searching for the good in the world, and while the system gets abused from time to time, it’s been going strong since April 2014.

I can’t say the food is too much to write home about, but it was warm and filling and something I wouldn’t normally eat. Operating on a week to week basis, the menu was surprisingly varied… but we ended up with 3 curries and a ratatouille all the same.

My biggest regret was not taking the reverse traffic light approach – the red curry was definitely my fave – but thanks to my diabetic friend I at least got some extra rice. Being the only one to opt for dessert (a tasty but v dry spiced apple cake that would have benefitted from a not-so-vegan scoop of ice cream) meant that I was pretty stuffed, so all in all, a good experience.

The observation emerged that it’d also be a brilliant/terrible first-date location – put all the cards on the table; get the stinginess out of the way; show off your Social Conscience; or just judge the shit out of a prospective partner. Also, INDOOR MINI GOLF next door, I mean come ON.


In any case, I had a fun night with fun friends, trying fun new foods and doing fun new things. yay for fun.

all the world is still, hands on the wheel

Dinner, Mon 10/7/17

Lentil as Anything

391 King St, Newtown NSW 2042


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