fastidious, especially concerning food

my fears, my doubts, they’re slowly creeping out

sounds a bit like me, right? at least my mum would say so. but dainty isn’t a word I’d often use to describe myself; nor does it do justice to the massive punches of flavour and spice being launched during opening week at Dainty Sichuan.

The queues are relentless but move fairly quickly; I highly recommend watching them through the window as you slurp your delicious noodles. One of the benefits of solo dining – the ability to squeeze into otherwise undesirable tables.

According to Genius, when Oliver Sim sings about his fears, his doubts, he refers to Seasonal Affective Disorder. And the SADness creeps out as the weather turns. In contrast, I like to think of it as a release, a purge, a letting go of the fears and doubts that you both drag and are dragged by. And I hope that in time, I’ll be solo dining like it ain’t no thang – stay tuned for more.

In any case, I have the fortuitous combination of geographical convenience, culinary laziness, monetary stinginess, slavish devotion to all things shiny and new, and glowing endorsements to thank for bringing me to the dainty delights below:

No fucking kidding, these so-called “green bean jelly noodles” are DOPE. Now I’m not going to pretend I have any clue what’s in them, or even what the hell the beans are. Are the noodles made of beans? Are the nut things the beans? Why aren’t they green? WHERE ARE MY BEANS? But fuck did it have flavour, punch, and depth. Noodles – so light and glassy and delicious; cooling in the face of the mouth-numbing, roasted meatiness of the chilli and bean/nut things. I could smash this on the daily. Easily.

This bad boy, Chongqing noodle soup with beef – that’s where the fire really kicks off. They warned me it was hot; I foolishly ignored. I’m sure more seasoned travellers would have no issue, but I was not ready for the delightfully unbearable mouth-numbing that only Sichuan peppercorns can provide. Regardless: meat beautifully tender, soup deliciously rich, noodles plentifully and with bite, and a takeaway container only 20c so you can shamefully slurp the remainder after an hour’s respite.

Stay dainty, friends.

do I stay inside ’til I see the sun?

once again, let the seasons run

or do I step outside?

Dinner, Wednesday 2/8/17

Dainty Sichuan

World Square, 644 George St, Sydney NSW 2000



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