lady saga

so I ran with dreams to reach the skyline

Just like everything else in life, this blog is a work in progress. Who am I writing for? First and foremost, I’m tired of grasping for memories of the great meals I’ve been lucky enough to have. I want to create rather than consume, and just like every other pre-teen with an internet connection, I have a tortured soul that needs to be heard. But developing this into something worthwhile is a feat that has both already, and will never happen. The more I write, the more I hope it’ll become easier. The more flat-lays I take, the better they’ll look. At least, here’s to hoping.

No matter what, I want to keep having fun throughout this saga.

Also this Saga, Andy Bowdy’s new (ish – March wasn’t that long ago right?) Enmore cafe. This was pretty fun too.

It’s a pretty bare fitout, not that that bothers me, but at times it feels a bit flat-packed, from an Ikea catalogue. Maybe the service is a liiiiitle slow too, or maybe I just feel a little trapped, what with the “big conversations about my future” sitch going on. But those pseudo-negatives out of the way, the place is pretty great, and I’m super glad it’s arrived.

The food’s nice and not typical breakfast-y (though honestly that doesn’t seem to exist in any new Sydney cafe anymore).

Anyway, I’m a massive goose in many respects, and here we have the following examples:

  1. didn’t get cakes or pastries. at an Andy Bowdy cafe.
  2. not taking notes, or really thinking about what I eat – then writing it up a week later, leading into
  3. their beautifully pretty website is unfortunately not displaying the menu for me, so I actually have very little idea what I ate…


At least I remember this one was called breakfast rice. Was very nice. Puffy fried egg, chorizo, some sort of ham, sticky crispy puffy rice and some sort of red tapenade-y sauce? I enjoyed it, that’s for sure.

Corn something. That’s about all I’ve got. I think it was pretty nice…

I mean look at those cakes and pastries though. What a goose.

upkeep is cheaper, when you embrace the rain

Brunch, Sunday 6/8/17


178 Enmore Rd, Enmore NSW 2042

Good Food – by the fantastic Lee Tran Lam, who also has an eponymous sandwich on the menu


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