salmo(a)n(a) & bear

one day I’ll know, if I go there’s just no telling how far I’ll go

Since my last failed attempt, I’ve made it to the Newtown branch of the always-delicious Salmon & Bear a handful of times (and I’ve even UberEats’ed the crap out of it for late night study seshes). As an aside, I also haven’t figured out how I want to handle repeat visits; WordPress, help me out.

But in any case, the weather was fine, the anatomy prac class was boring af, and I had a deep and inexplicable craving for poké, so away we went. Friday lunch deals made it worth the trek down King St – $15 poké, $10 fish & chips (so crispy, as always. hail Mibrasa). The avo in the poké was pretty underripe (damn millenials screwing with the market) but those crispy bits – seaweed and tiny fried fish things – more than made up for it. Goddamn they’re tasty.

Anyway, this doesn’t capture the gloriousness of the many beautiful pieces of fish – and the BEST sweet potato chips – that you can find here, but I guarantee I’ll be back and recording it for posterity as always (or as long as I’m trying to procrastinate from actual study).

Lunch, Friday 25/8/17

Salmon & Bear

226 King Street, Newtown, Sydney NSW 2042


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