apples to apples

she said, “you so same, I hope I never change”

old friends, new places.

Long overdue catch up at a 12 day old restaurant? Absolutely! Thankfully the Monday night constraint made it slightly easier to choose a place – and I’m a sucker for that Broadsheet giant pasta shell hype.

Love me some flying saucer lights – advocated for them in our new place to no avail…

In any case, the fit out is really nice, lots of glass keeping it open and inviting, clean and v modern inside, and the bar perfectly placed. Love the little side tables on the right – would be v nice for a cheeky drink. An issue (depending) is noise – was fine as the only ones there, but as the crowd built up (props for packing it out on a Monday night!) the hard surfaces everywhere didn’t make for easy listening – in fact, a couple sat next to us and promptly left in search of somewhere they could “have a conversation”. But not a deal-breaker for me at all. And what you’re really here for is…

…the food. Porcini arancini up above, burrata below. Both staples, both tasty – good crunch and texture; nice, creamy, not too runny (maybe even a little too solid) with zucchini a much superior (for both of us) choice than soul-crushing cucumber. Solid start, but nothing to drive you crazy – just you wait.

Believe the hype. Lamb ragu, grana padano, giant shells and creamy fontina sauce. Simple yet outstanding. Just look at that beauty – so much rich flavour in the ragu, and each shell overflowing with the delicious stuff. To me, it’s basically like a lasagne with extra crunchy bits – and everyone knows that that’s the best part. Goddamn. Also, much easier for sharing!

Iraqi spiced chicken, potato salad, garlic sauce – another standout (at least, out of the four things we ate!). Juicy meat all the way through, crispy bits on the skin and edges, and packed full of flavour – I’m 100% rethinking my stance on chicken based on these past few months.

(an aside – no photo, but the wine glass was… WOBBLY. get that shit sorted.

nah jk, I don’t care.)

wobbly wine or not – Isaac, I’ll be back.

Dinner, Monday 25/9/17

Isaac Restaurant

99 Redfern St, Redfern NSW 2016


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