BART and arnie

I’m trying to keep up with the latest trends

sometimes, it’s hard to find the right song; sometimes, you chase a rabbit hole of stupid connections and suddenly the stars align and it makes no fucking sense to anyone but it’s hilariously beautiful to you. that kind of one-click-too-deep-into-wikipedia-link-chasing feeling. know what I mean? yeah, me neither.

So incoherence aside, listen to Bert and Ernie, vote yes, and while you’re at it, swing into Bart Jr. and fill yourself up with funky fun flavour and gr9 vibes. And good vibes go hand in hand with good drinks (that I never remember to photograph) so some Sydney Brewery Agave Ginger cider (a delicious gingery discovery) and an ol’ dirty bastard (aka my Baxter Inn go-to of whiskey and fresh apple juice) fit the bill.

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Full menu all day today! 👌🏽

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Much has already been written about the low-key, pay-as-you-go formula, complete with old school specials board that rotates every three weeks, so I’ll leave you with some pretty photos (clearly not mine) instead.

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The new guy 😻

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Food time. Ocean trout sashimi was fresh, light, delicious. Simple and pretty and perfect with puffed quinoa. Gotta get around those puffy grains – it always seems like a “restaurant-y” touch that drives me absolutely wild for a dish. Seems like quinoa is even easier than the rice-y version – so hopefully it’ll be on my roster soon.

Cuttlefish – so damn good I forgot the photo, so you’ll have to settle for this delicious mess. Corn + butter – a goddamn classic, and so so fucking tasty. And I fucking love pangrattato. #1 regret – being too awed to ask for bread (for butter soaking up purposes).

Next, it was time to burst a burrata cherry – and this was definitely worthy of a first time. The perfect hint of truffle (not overpowering, just extra delicious flavour), good balance of textures, maybe a little heavy on the beets but who’s really complaining? And this burrata was a deserving hero. Superior to its cousin a couple doors up the road, with a beautifully soft and creamy texture that was also more consistent throughout. I only wish I’d thought to photograph the beautiful gooey scene that filled the plate (briefly) and our stomachs (very soon after).

Finally (at least for this time), the lil’ polish dog, accompanied by a couple of delicious wines (not pictured – the deliciously spicy lethbridge ménage à noir pinot noir; and some super light rosé that unfortunately was not the jamsheed jose the rosé). Out of all the (decidedly delicious) dishes, this was the only one I’d change – ultimately it felt just a lil’ dry, and probably would’ve benefited from a saucy accompaniment. But it was definitely not lacking in the deliciousness stakes, and who the hell can resist that beautiful blizzard of cheeeeeeeeeeeeese (hint: it’s not us).

So there’s nothing not to love. Except maybe that I can’t eat there every day of the week.

fuck feline allergies, give me bart and all his progenies.

you should stay at your place

Dinner, Thursday 30/9/17

Bart Jr.

92 Pitt St, Redfern NSW 2016


Concrete Playground

Good Food



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